Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unpeeled Kombucha: Kind of like Kool-Aid, which makes it awesome

I am more than willing to admit I have an issue with kombucha. The first time I had it, I thought it was meh and that I would never drink it again. However, the next time I walked by a bottle at the store, I was compelled to purchase by a force stronger than the one that drives Luke Skywalker forward. As a result, I have tried many a brand of kombucha and I am delighted to state that I may have found a new favorite: Unpeeled. Unpeeled is a raw kombucha that tastes just like Kool-Aid. I've only tried the strawberry lime flavor so far (it's so pink, how could I resist?) but I will most definitely be trying the other flavors, such as limeade quench and mango passion. Heck, I might even go crazy and try out spicy mojito. I'm so glad that kombucha is back in stores and even happier that I got to try Unpeeled kombucha, my new go to in the world of fermented tea.


  1. Make it yourself and you CAN add Kool-Aid to it. I frequently add a teaspoon of Pomegranate-Cranberry powder Crystal-Lite to mine and it tastes great that way.

    And don't forget adding some of those fruit juices like Pomegranate-Blueberry. 1/4 of that, 1/4 7-UP and 1/2 Kombucha is really delightful!

    I figure it costs me at least $3 less per bottle when I make it myself and it is every bit as good if not better than store-bought.

  2. Unpeeled sounds really good! I find a lot of kombucha just tastes too strong for me, but kool-aid-tasting kombucha is something I could get behind!

  3. I'm afraid I'll make myself go blind if I make my own. Unpeeled is a happy medium for me.