Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Viva Vida Vegan!

Some amazing people in Portland are (as usual) drumming up some amazing events. Somehow, between Vegan Prom, Fakin' Fest and Vegan Iron Chef (among many other things), the first ever conference for vegan bloggers is being put together. I was already hoping to attend, but it turns out that I will be attending and speaking! I am so incredibly honored and excited, as I will be in some seriously impressive company. So, if vegan blogging, blogging or veganism interests you, take a gander at the Vida Vegan website. It's going to be an inspiring event!


  1. HAHAHA Awesome. As if I ever needed an excuse to visit Portland! I may have to see about getting back to heaven, I mean Portland next August! Voodoo Doughnut here I come!