Monday, October 4, 2010

Denver: Non-Edible Edition

 This last weekend, I took a trip out to Denver/Boulder to eat buffalo seitan hot wings and see Hanson. I will post about the food come November, but it turns out that I do more than eat when I travel. I really loved getting a chance to spend some time in Colorado, since the last two times I visited were based around Denver Vegfests, which are a blast but leave me with minimal time to explore the city. I found Denver and Boulder to be full of activities, shops, parks and delicious food. Overall, my favorite non-food, non-Hanson part of the trip was Tattered Cover. Three stories of books, both used and new? Yes please. While I'm not going to talk about the food (yet!), here are some pictures from my brief time in the Denver area:

Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art

Denver has rad public transportation