Monday, August 2, 2010

Ten things that make me happy: Other people's blogs edition

My google reader has a pretty intense list of blogs. Out of those, these are my favorites, presented in alphabetical order, since I'm already playing favorites.

1) Eat Pure: It's not a big secret that I like to travel and eat, and those two activities are the focus of this blog, along with stunning pictures.
2) Fear Street: This kind soul reads the Fear Street books of our past (present?) and sums them up with her own commentary. A healthy dose of both nostalgia and humor.
3) Hyperbole and a Half: Serious belly laughs. Just trust me and read it (as long as you aren't at work because you will laugh out loud).
4) Iconic Photos: This blog features a photo considered to be iconic (duh) in each post and tells the reader about the photo- anything from it's history, to the effect it had, to what situation caused it to where the people in it are now. Sometimes the photos are graphic (as a warning) but the blog is interesting and informative.
5) The Laziest Vegans in the World: Reviews of vegan convenience food. Perfect. I love to cook but am totally susceptible to an awesome, easy dinner.
6) The Man Repeller: Sometimes fashion isn't sexy (harem pants, I am looking in your direction). That's okay. This blog approaches it with a sense of humor.
7) Not That Kind of Girl: This is a blog about a girl who decided to do 250 uncharacteristic things. Not only is she a good writer, but she's also inspiring to read about. Her changes are profound (but written about with a sense of humor) and are attainable (such as handing out flowers to strangers). Love it.
8) Stumptown Vegans: Reviews of Portland restaurants, with some travel reviews thrown in. I read this blog to drool over the food, and then maybe weep gently for a bit.

9) What I Really Really Want: Another fashion blog with a sense of humor. Seriously beautiful stuff on here. Also, vote for Sarah on the Mad Men Casting Call.
10) What I Wore: My friend Gwen's lovely blog about vegan fashion. I love seeing fashion with a conscience that isn't based in burlap.

I may have to do a second round of this one, I feel like quite a bit was left out...

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