Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue Line made me love soup

I have a love-hate relationship with soup. I really love how it warms me up from the inside out and how it always comforts me. Two of my favorite foods are even mulligatawny and corn chowder. I hate how I always spill the soup all over myself and generally burn my tongue and hands while making it.

However, the soups at Blue Line's downtown location have found me wavering on the love side of my relationship with soup. The soup pictured here is a Chipotle Chili Vegetable Soup (or something to that effect). Warm, hearty, loaded with veggies and beans and appropriately spicy, it is served with exceptionally delicious slices of bread to sop up every drop of soup. Other vegan options at the downtown Blue Line include the bi-athelete muffin and boca burgers, so if you're craving some sustenance while purchasing knit goods at American Apparel or before taking in a show at Slowdown, swing by Blue Line for a quick, delicious bite.

PS- This location has booze, so you can get some whiskey in your coffee or some wine with your soup.


  1. I think I went to the Blue Line once, and the cashier very authoritatively informed me that I couldn't have a sandwich because yeast isn't vegan.

    But maybe she got fired!

  2. Maybe...I've never had that happen there.