Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What was on my Clean Plate this week: Picnic Brunch

Ah, picnics. That seasonal outdoor dining that so many of us have an idealized version of that we can never seem to achieve. Lucky for me, I was finally able to experience my ideal picnic this week at the Clean Plate brunch.

Elle opened up her lovely backyard to host her picnic brunch, with a menu that was easily the most gourmet picnic I've ever experienced. From raw sloppy joes to carrot-peanut salad to a mint melon smoothie to a rhubarb tart, it was the picnic of my dreams. There were even raw onion rings, and they were delicious. There were also the weekly waffles, which are the only things currently giving any order to my chaotic life. It was a perfect meal, with my personal highlights being the ultra refreshing mint melon smoothie and the pesto pasta salad. The pasta salad was raw and was even better than that wonderful live pasta at Portland's Blossoming Lotus.

Each week, I go in with high expectations and they are always not only met, but exceeded. I definitely suggest giving Elle's brunch (or her restaurant in August) a try, vegan or not. Don't you deserve the best? I thought so. Elle's food is the best. You should eat it. Next week's brunch is going to be Middle Eastern foods, and I am amped to stuff myself with dolmas, halva, spinach scramble and date rolls.

Flower photo by Alaina Hickman, President of the Nebraska Vegetarian Society

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