Friday, May 15, 2009

Food I Love: McFoster's TLT and Kind Salad

Omaha's long standing McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe is a Midwestern vegetarian landmark of sorts. While I do have my qualms with it (um, serving meat at a vegetarian restaurant? not vegetarian!), I cannot deny the tastiness of the vegan food I can obtain there. From their Celestial Strawberries to their superb guacamole, I always know I will receive great food and a warm, relaxing atmosphere when I eat there. I have several favorites there, including the date shake (so good) and the tofu scramble and hash browns, but nothing can beat the tempeh, lettuce and tomato sandwich with a kind salad covered in their garlic cucumber ranch. Check this out:

Do you see these beautiful creations? The edible flowers? The uber tasty tempeh bacon? The deliciously oozy Veganaise? I don't know how I ever order anything else.

Anyways, while Mcfoster's does have some meat on the menu, I still think it's worthwhile to go and order the vegan foods you love. Showing an establishment that the demand is for quality vegan food, not for the meat, is always a worthwhile endeavor. And with food like this, it is definitely an enjoyable job. My love for this salad/sammie combo is undying. Love you sandwich!


  1. I get asked this question all the time, but since I'm not vegetarian, I never know how to answer: What are the best restaurants for vegetarians in Omaha?

    Any recommendations?