Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I continue to love Grease 2

There is one post that brings more people to this blog than any other post: Stephanie Zinone's style. I don't blog about fashion because, even though I love looking at pictures of fashionable people, my own personal method of getting dressed generally involves throwing on enough clothing to cover my body and hoping that it matches. I figure that since I can't walk the walk, I shouldn't talk the talk. However, since I was dorky enough to take far too many screenshots of Grease 2 (caution: link contains the worst trailer ever), here are some more of my favorite looks from the movie:
While I love the Pink Ladies' matching jackets and bowling shirts, the real stand-out here is Delores's roller skate sweater.

Ignoring the impressive budget for a high school talent show, wouldn't Stephanie's Christmas tree be the best Halloween costume ever? You could zone out and perform half a duet by yourself all night!

While Stephanie probably only wore these shoes in rehearsal, I think the color combo with her shirt would make for a pretty snappy look.

Fuzzy sweaters? Check. Awesome white jacket? Check. People who are clearly too old to be in high school? Check.

There are so many great things about this screenshot but my favorite is the sweater vest, blue top and pink pencil skirt, all with some big blond hair and sassy dance moves.