Monday, February 18, 2013

Eat & Run by Scott Jurek: Guaranteed to make you think that you too can run 100 milers

Did you hear the story about the guy who won a 100 mile race through the mountains? On a sprained and swollen ankle? It's not a joke, it's a crazy, amazing story and it's just a small part of Scott Jurek's life as a superhuman runner, and he does all of these incredible things as a vegan. His book, Eat and Run, is a testament to Jurek's athletic prowess, and his his strength in overcoming the obstacles life set before him, as well as proof that eating a vegan diet doesn't doom a person to a life as a weakling. Though I know I'll most likely never run, let alone win, a 100 mile race, Eat and Run left me feeling inspired to push my boundaries, both in running and in life, every time I read it. An added bonus are the recipes sprinkled throughout the book, which definitely lean toward the healthy side, but all look delicious. If you're looking for a book that will provide you with a healthy dose of motivation every time you pick it up, or trying to show someone that eating a vegan diet will not detract from your athletic ability, this is a great, quick read to pick up. Not sure if you'll be into it? Check out an excerpt, thanks to Runner's World, here.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of the book, but am receiving no other compensation and am under no obligation to review it one way or another. I really liked it!